Compliance Audit and System Gap Analysis

A Compliance Audit is a comprehensive review of an organization's adherence to statutory and regulatory compliances, whereby non-compliance if any, are identified upon scrutiny of related documents and physical verification of the unit, so as to assist the organization to take corrective measures to be compliant of all applicable laws.

Key Highlights of our Compliance Audit process:-
1) We cover all the categories of laws applicable as per your business      operations
2) We conduct Audit based on Physical as well as document verification.
3) Detailed Audit report showing percentage of Complied and Not-Complied      items with observations and practical suggestions.

System GAP Analysis is a comprehensive review of an existing Compliance tracking and reporting mechanism.

Key Highlights of our System GAP Analysis process:-
1) Our team has complete understanding of Compliance systems currently      available in Compliance Industry.
2) We validate each compliance reported by Users by scrutinizing the      document attached as proof of compliance and Comments provided while      completing the tasks.
3) Detailed Audit report showing percentage of Not-Complied items with      observations and practical suggestions.

Our Motto is to analyze and bridge the existing GAPS